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DFG project "ESPEBO"

How can organizations promote the environmentally friendly behavior of their employees in the workplace?


The project "Encouraging Sustainable Environmental Behavior in Organizations Using Information Systems", which is funded by the German Research Foundation, analyses this question by examining the potential of information systems (IS) to increase the motivation of environmentally friendly behavior in the workplace.

The project will examine the numerous interactions between competing institutional logics, psychological dynamics, and motivational affordances from a socio-technical perspective. The project aims at theoretical contributions in the fields of business informatics and organizational behavior and research.

In order to achieve these goals, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Marina Fiedler (University of Passau) interviews, surveys and field trials with several established working groups of well-known organizations (Audi, Flughafen Hannover, Symrise) were conducted to investigate the connections. This enables the research group to gather attitudes and behavioral data of employees in diverse and real working environments and to experimentally test the effects of the IS-based intervention systems on the environmental behavior.

This allows us to analyse the specific characteristics and patterns both theoretically and empirically.

From a practical perspective, the project will contribute to a better understanding of environmental behavior in organizations.


Further information about the project can be found on the website of the University of Passau: ESPEBO