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Information on the assignment of theses

Status: 15.11.2022; Modifications are possible

1. General Information

As a student of Business Administration or of Management and Digital Technologies at the LMU, you have the opportunity to write a thesis at our department. We offer several registration dates during the year, which are listed in section 8 below.

  • Generally, bachelor theses at out department are literature theses. However, in exceptional cases, empirical theses can also be supervised on request.
  • Master theses are generally empirically quantitative or empirically qualitative theses.
  • The topics of our final theses are closely linked to the current research- and project topics at the professorship (for an overview of our current research- and project topics, see section 2). This is deliberately designed to provide you with the best support in terms of content. It is possible to work on a topic outside of our current research- and project topics in exceptional cases if you approach us with a well-considered research idea.

Generally, all topics are worked on in English. Please note that all topics can only be assigned once.

For questions please contact Isabel Bienfuß

2. Research and Project Topics at DSS

You can find out about research interests on our team page.

3. Announcement: Current Thesis Topics at DSS

You will find currently available topics here.

4. Application

Applications for theses can be submitted on a continuous basis with the help of the Mercator-Tool and must be submitted by the application deadline mentioned in section 8 at the latest. After the application deadline, applicants will be provisionally assigned to available topics, together with a request to submit an exposé. Only then is the final allocation and registration with the ISC possible.

Since the number of applicants is difficult to estimate, we are unfortunately unable to make any statement about the probability of success of applications. Early application is possible, but topics will only be assigned after the application deadline according to content fit and not according to chronological order.

If you wish to apply for a thesis with your own topic proposal, please also use the Mercator tool and upload a topic description, which should fit one of the research topics of the professorship (for an overview of our current research and project topics see section 2). The respective supervisor will then contact you to see if supervision is possible. Please note that the application with an own topic proposal should be submitted 2-4 weeks before the final registration (ISC) (see section 8), so that possible adjustments to the topic proposal are possible.

5. Assignment

The number of dissertations accepted for supervision depend on the current capacity of the institute. Applicants who have successfully participated in a seminar at the Institutes of Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets (ECM), Digital Management and New Media (DMM) or at our professorship (DSS) may be given preference.

6. Exposé

After preliminary assignment of a topic, you will be asked to submit an exposé (i.e. a 3-4-page outline of your thesis to be written) to your responsible supervisor. Information on writing an exposé can be found under Downloads at the bottom of the page.

7. Colloquium

After registration with the examination office, a thesis colloquium takes place in which the students present their work structure and progress. During the colloquium, feedback is given on the procedureas well as on the form and contentof the topics.

The colloquium dates are 27.02.2023, 22.05.2023, 28.08.2023, 20.11.2023, and 19.02.2024.

For Bachelor students the colloquium will take place about 4 weeks after registration, for Master students about 4 months after registration (see section 8). You will be informed of the exact time. Please note that this date is a mandatory date.

8. Dates

Application until latestPreliminary assignment for submission of an exposéFinal assignment and registration (ISC)
03.10.2022 04.10.2022 17.10.2022
15.01.2023 16.01.2023 30.01.2023
16.04.2023 17.04.2023 28.04.2023
09.07.2023 10.07.2023 21.07.2023
08.10.2023 09.10.2023 23.10.2023

Completed Theses Topics:

You can find already submitted theses here.